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GUJARAT FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to promote culturally unique events from India. The activities, held by Gujarat foundation, are for the benefits of the Gujarati community residing in USA and Gujarat as well as outside of Gujarat.

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The state of Gujarat occupies the northern extremity of the western sea-board of India. The state is renowned for its beaches, holy temples, historic cities replete with immense architectural wealth and wildlife sanctuaries. The fascinating handicrafts, mouth-watering cuisine and colorful lifestyle of the people of Gujarat, are renowned in all over the country. The hard work and civilized approach of the people of Gujarat are evident in every walk of the life. Gujarat is one of India's wealthier states, with number of important industries.

The Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited, set up in 1975, provides comprehensive travel services.

Festivals in Gujarat symbolise people's cultural, social and religious aspirations.
These include accommodation, conducted tours and ground transport with a wide range of choice to meet diverse needs. The Corporation has a network of 19 accommodation units under the brand name Toran. Ritual ceremony for the peace of self and peace of the world. To pray and worship for enlightenment and to get blessing of SHAKTI "Power".