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      FROM 8th October throughout November weekend evening.


Geet Gazal in GUJARATI
      During last fortnight of November to December.



The Culturally Unique Programs of the Troupe

The Troupe specializes in traditional Dandia and Ras-Garba. dance and have given countless performances throughout India and internationally Dandia and Ras-Garba.dance needs no introduction. Festivals and festivities in India are kaleidoscopic. Despite varieties and variances in connected formalities the common streak is their colorfulness. One such is Navrathri Festival this festival is to invoke the blessings of Amba Devi. Celebrations are different in different places. It is kolu in South Mysore, Karnataka, Andhra and Tamil Nadu, and it is garba and dandia raas- colourful dancing, in Gujarat.

Mythologically garba is about reverence to fertility in soil, religiosity, goodness and not merely the one that is connected with population, propagation. Dandia raas, a scintillating dance to rhythmic click of sticks is symptomatic of what ticks the happiness of good life. Garba is a part of Navratri celebrations when during the nine days of Navratri every lane and square of Gujarat and adjoining parts of Rajasthan reverberate and resound with the music and rhythm of Garba. It is not now a mere folk event confined to female dancers alone. To the Garba has been added now the classical touch and element. It is now one of the representative dances of India and has seen several world cultural festivals and has been fascinating part of many popular films. Garba dancers are found now in most parts of India and it is performed any time and anywhere in the country and beyond. Garba is now commonly shared by both male and female dancers. The new Garba trend rather favors the group of one male and one female and a modest band of around twenty participants. Garba is considered so auspicious in Gujarat that the dowry for a daughter's marriage includes a few chachars as well.

Dandiya Raas, folk-dance from the state of Gujarat, is performed in groups of pairs, with a pair of sticks in their hands. It is performed during holi (colour) festival, Gokulastami and Navaratri festivals.


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