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Gujarat Foundation has mainly held activities in five different fields.

1. Integration of Literature and Library Activities:

Gujarat Foundation will always work for the expansion of Gujarati language and its literature. Different activities are held to send the best Gujarati literature to every home, to organize book fair, and to organize different programs related to the best authors in Gujarati literature.

Gujarat Foundation has gifted more than 500 books and newspapers annually for 2 years to many libraries operated by Government and different Tutorial institutions.

In the very first phase Jersey City, North Bergen, Edison, Piscataway, Queens(New York), Chicago(Illinois), and at many such places, libraries are completing and improving their data banks. For each library, Gujarat Foundation has spent approximately 3 to 5 thousand dollars. Many donators have donated towards this donation program and many more are planning to donate into this and after getting more donators, these activities will start to flourish in many new cities and organizations.

2. Cultural Activities.

Gujarat foundation is also arranging the functions, social activities, Competitions, Cultural programs, entertainment programs like Play , Navaratri . Etc. It has been observed that all such programs are help full in the manner to meet every one who are I this country since long time and those are new comers. It's a platform to exchange the ideas culture and self-educative phenomenon.

3. Tutorials in Gujarati Language and Expansion:

Children staying outside of Gujarat can speak and understand Gujarati language but they can not read or write Gujarati. There are several programs held in order to teach them how to read or write Gujarati with the help of English. In Gujarat, This aim is going to be achieved with the help of Gujarat University. It has been arranged that some examinations will be taken in order to improve the base of Gujarati language in children. For this, Gujarat Foundation has been working with some US accredited University to have courses in Gujarati.

It may take two years to set up this program, but the necessary text-books and introductory examination format will be ready soon.

Gujarat Foundation is also working that some tuition institutes and university will start teaching Gujarati as one of their main course of subject. Gujarat Foundation has also been working with some US accredited Universities to get Gujarati language approved by them as one of the major course since many years. Recently New York University has started taking Gujarati Proficiency Test worth of 12 and 16 points in 2 phases respectively. This is a very helpful course for those college students who can read and write Gujarati with a very low cost. Gujarat Foundation has taken many steps in this direction in Gujarat, Britain, and USA.

Even many CDS and website are also available on internet for self-tutorial in Gujarati language.

1. Fund-Raising:
Foundation has also started gathering a permanent fund for helping the families affected in fire, accident, flood, and thunderstorm out personally. Each family can get 1 thousand dollar out this fund, and foundation can help 100 families at a time immediately from this fund.

2. Scholarships for Higher Education:
Foundation has also helped needy Gujarati family's students by giving scholarships/ loans plus the expenses for books, stationary, clothes, and many such things to that student. The student who is eligible for this scholarship may give back this scholarship in the form donation after completing his studies at his own convenience, so that other students can also get benefit of this scholarship.

Donators are requested to donate in this scholarship in the multiple of thousand dollar.

3. Celebration of Gujarat Day:
Foundation also organizes the celebration for Gujarat Day on every 1st May. This celebration is especially held for the encouragement of the Gujarati language and its traditions.
Foundation is also encouraging local organizations to celebrate this event on their own as per their convenience. Foundation is also working towards the establishment of the "Gujarat Ashmita Bhavan" in New Jersey, and New York, in which programs will be arranged to exhibit Art of Gujarat, its traditions, History, and literary activities. Right now, foundation is working hard on establishing such a hall in Jersey City, which is also known as "Sardar Bhavan".