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NAVARATRI Function :

In India and india's most peaceful state Gujarat NAVARATRI is the time of nine days which is most important for Hindu as the Hindu new year ends with the end of the function. Almost all hindu keep the fast during this period of NINE days and pray to GOD for the Peace and Happiness of them self and the world.

During nine days in India all from teenage to old ladies and gents meets to gather in the evening and they Dance in the circle of the temple of light and Goddess cold Maha Kali. The main group of 7 to 10 musicians and singers perform special typical folk song with special rhythm which is called "RASA-GARABA".

All the gathered people perform the dance and actions and there dedication towards god in the harmony and rhythm of the performing groups of musician and singers consists of usually 2 to 3 male singers , 2 to 3 female singers as Chorus for concerts and symphony, 2 to 3 rhythmic musician artists and 2 to 3 other musicians with keypad, harmonium, flute or Sarong to make complete band. In this type of musical group one can see the "DHOL" big drum as special instrument to be performed to have special tempo.

Looking to the budgetary distribution over 4 week ends we are inviting small and Compaq comprised group of 6 persons only. As we all ready have an offer of local USA Citizen for flute who have experience to perform such special music.

This complete function is going to be perform in joint venture and through other local organization. This is not a personnel profit making or commercial business type of function. This is for Gujarati Community and largest population from India and specifically from state of Gujarat resides in the state of NEW YORK and NEW JERSEY of United States of America.