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Generally Gujarati staying in USA want to do something in their own motherland to be helpful to their own people. Gujarat foundation is doing such activities with the help of leading local social organizations only, and even governmental help may be taken if it is required. Donations given to such organizations are under the authorization of Home Ministry, so Gujarat Foundation is an organization which works under the authorization of this Ministry.

1. Water Storage:
Gujarat is always affected severely by the attacks of droughts. Many areas in North Gujarat, Saurashtra, and Kuccha always remain in the severe shortage of water. Foundation has acquired a data mentioning that it only costs 100 dollars to relive a well in the area where water's shortage is really grasping its teeth. Foundation has already started working in this direction with the help of some local organization for the betterment of these villages, and foundation has also started making dams over rivers.

2. Help Setting Up Janitorial Unit:
After taking consideration of the requirement of the necessity and cleanliness of the public Janitorial in Gujarat, an organization called National Sanitation and Environment Improvement Foundation set up "Pay and Use" type of Janitorial Units in Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar, Bilimora, Chikhali, Godhara, Devgarh-Bariya, Zalod, Kodinar, Una, Talaja, Valsad, Padra, Dakor, Dwarka, Somnath, and Ambaji cities. Through this more than 150 persons have been paid. Foundation has also been working to set up such more units in different cities with the help of some local organizations.
Such units are desperately needed in some educational institutions, pilgrimages, picnic spots, hospitals, industrial areas, city bus stop or railway stations, and Gujarat Foundation has come ahead to set up all these requirements.

3. Teaching and Living Expenses Sponsorship for Orphans:
Every month 25 dollars to each orphan child in Orphanages of Gujarat is being given, and approximately 500 children will be covered in this plan per year.
Foundation is also working in the directions that one donator should adopt a child and take care of him until he could live on his own. Children from 5 to 15 years of age are eligible for this program. Donators interested in this program should contact Foundation at the earliest.

4. Help for Old Age People Home:
There is a great number of Seniors living in Old Age Home due to several personal and economical conditions. There are some local organizations working for this without asking for money. Foundation is helping such organizations and each senior could get 500 dollars annually until his life ended for his living expenses. Even Foundation is working towards maintaining a mail contacts between the donators and the seniors which can help the senior in soothing.

5. Help for Needy Women:
Foundation is working really hard to help needy and helpless women to get them education and rights back in society, and even to support them with their expenses. Donators could donate for their living expenses and even to support the expenses for the marriage of young girls. For more details please contact Gujarat Foundation.